About TW Power Supply

Our Goal: To Have What You Need, When You Need it!

Sourcing utility and power line equipment in Northwestern Ontario can be difficult. At least it was until TW Power Supply Ltd. opened in Thunder Bay.

TW Power Supply launched in 2018, but our team has decades of experience and industry knowledge working within the utility and power line sector. That’s because TW Power Supply is a division of Wildon Wiring, a specialized hydro line construction, maintenance, and repair contractor based in Thunder Bay.

We source utility equipment from name-brand suppliers across North America, giving you the best equipment at the best prices possible. (We know they are the best products because we use the same utility and power line equipment in our own contracting projects.)

Our Manager, Steve Wedow, has 30 years’ worth of product knowledge and sales experience. His insights and sourcing expertise ensure you get the right equipment for the right job from the right manufacturer.

TW Power Supply builds its name on quality utility and power line equipment, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. We’ve helped power line contractors and utilities from White River to the Manitoba border to fly-in First Nations and hydro projects in the north. We have customers who rely upon TW Power Supply for their electrical and high-voltage equipment needs – and you can too.

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About Wildon Wiring Ltd.

TW Power Supply Ltd. is a division of Wildon Wiring Ltd., owned and operated by William (Willy) Clavet. Wildon Wiring has provided specialized utility and power line construction, repair, replacement, and maintenance in Thunder Bay and throughout Northwestern Ontario since 1971.