High-Voltage and Utility Hardware Supply

Northwestern Ontario’s Solution-Based Utility Hardware Supplier in Thunder Bay

We know high-voltage and utility hardware. As a division of Wildon Wiring in Thunder Bay, TW Power Supply has decades of experience behind it. We source the best high-voltage, power line, and utility equipment from manufacturers across North America for projects including:

  • Overhead and underground distribution lines
  • High-voltage transmission lines
  • Substations
  • Hydro projects

TW Power Supply stocks a wide range of general and specialized utility hardware. Most importantly, we can supply any project in Northwestern Ontario, helping power line contractors and utilities anywhere in the region find the right equipment for the job. Choose TW Power Supply for superior products, expert advice, and competitive pricing.

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Power Line and High-Voltage Line Equipment

  • Poles – All species of wood
  • Poles – Fiberglass
  • Pole line hardware
  • Pole line rigging and string equipment
  • Pole setting compounds
  • Pole guying and anchoring hardware


  • Pole-mounted transformers
  • Pad-mounted, oil-filled transformers
  • Single and multi-phase transformers


  • Cutouts
  • Arresters
  • Gang-operated overhead loadbreak switches
  • In-line disconnect switches


  • Overhead and underground primary cable
  • Overhead and underground secondary cable
  • Teck cable
  • Control cable
  • Termination kits

Pole Line Hardware

  • Anchor rods
  • Rock anchors
  • Power-installed screw anchors


  • Line post insulators
  • Suspension insulators
  • Dead end insulators
  • Riser support insulators

Grounding Hardware

  • Grounding connectors
  • Ground rods
  • Ground mats

Utility Hardware Tools & Clothing

  • Live line insulated tools
  • High-voltage rubber gloves
  • Personal protection equipment and clothing
Power Line Equipment in Northwestern Ontario

This is a sample list of the many products we stock and source. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list, please ask our experts and we’ll be able to personally help you find the right equipment

TW Power Supply is based in Thunder Bay, but we serve power line contractors and utilities across Northwestern Ontario. Read more about us. TW Power Supply can help any power line and generating project get done faster.

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